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Matthew Bond Audio introduces the GSC Series professional amplifier cable
Matthew Bond Introduces the
GSC Series
GSC-36 amplifier connector
Passionately Engineered for Musical
turning up amplifier
Never Before Heard Sonic
GSC-18 amplifier connection cable
Designed to be the Absolute
high end audio speaker
A Musical Experience of Ultimate
Matthew Bond Audio Analog Reference Interconnect cables closeup
A Holographic Soundstage

Advanced State-of-the-Art Audio Connections

With over 40 years of breakthrough audio engineering, Matthew Bond has created a masterpiece with the GSC series of amplifier-to-loudspeaker connections. A lifelong passion for the ultimate musical truth in sound quality has yielded a design based on Matthew’s pioneering concepts, utilization of exotic elements, and his out-of-the box creativity.



GSC Expert Series Speaker Cables:

  • 18 Conductor Runs for Positive and Negative
  • Silver Bearing Copper Conductors
  • Anti-Resonance Transmission Design

Analog Reference Interconnects:

  • High Purity Rectangular Copper Conductors
  • Threaded by Hand into Small Air Tubes
  • Ultra Low Capacitance



  • Natural and lifelike reproduction
  • Spectacular power and clarity
  • Absolutely neutral and coherent
  • Superb resolution of micro-detail
  • Powerful dynamic contrasts
  • Superbly vivid images

A Long History of Audio Engineering

Collaborating with Grammy Award winning producer, Jeffrey Weber (pictured above), Matthew Bond’s advanced perspectives on the science of audio cables assisted in elevating Weber’s celebrated live, two track recordings to the next level of sonic excellence.
Yamaha utilizes a sound tool called Cascade Noise, which Matthew invented for the purpose of breaking in cables, electronics and Yamaha’s newly built loudspeakers and headphones.
Bond’s latest audio cables, the Analog Reference Interconnects, are the result of his ongoing research, original design concepts and proven engineering since the mid-1970’s – solid core conductors and air-tubes originated with Matthew Bond in the mid 1970’s and early 1980’s.
five star review
… I heard a clarity, neutrality, and lack of harshness in any well recorded music that I’ve never heard before with any cable. The GSC-36 improved the sound to almost live. All instruments whether in Jazz, Classical, or Rock recordings were correct in relative volume, tone, detail, position in sound stage (lateral and depth), and […]
five star review
You must know that your cables are really something special. I have never heard such an improvement in my system that rivals the improvement from your cables. I have experienced differences when I upgraded my dcs stack of components, but I have never heard such an improvement as I have with the Matthew Bond Audio […]
five star review
The most remarkable virtue of the Analog Reference interconnect is its ability to add density to images, to vocals, to the music overall. How does a wire do this? I have not been aware previously that the images of sound have been almost skeletal relative to how they now sound. This makes music sound so […]
five star review
… I do not believe that any component I have upgraded has made such a significant improvement in the sound quality of my system … virtually every aspect of sound has been improved, the entire frequency spectrum, micro and macro dynamics, imaging, etc. But what makes these cables so unique (and it is a first […]