Digital Interconnect Cable

February 19, 2018 - Digital Cable

Digital Reference Interconnect

The Digital Reference interconnect features a true 110 ohm balanced design for accurate transfer of the complete digital signal. Literally millions of combinations of the binary code are transferred each second, and digital distortion such as timing errors or jitter affect the coherent transfer of the delicate signal. A single note can be reproduced incorrectly, ambient information and soundstage dimensions can be altered by using an inferior cable design. When used with high-end digital components the Digital Reference Interconnect will deliver spacious soundstage dimensions along with images that are well focused, palpable and lifelike. Fine detail and low-level ambient information provide incredible information about the live recorded space. You will hear stunning dynamic contrasts, perfectly rendered cycles of ’attack, sustain and decay’ of all musical instruments and lifelike voices, contrasted against a dead-quiet background.

• The design. A pair of solid High-Purity Oxygen Free 6N Super Soft Annealed Silver conductors are properly
spaced and held apart in a thin-wall Teflon Air-Tube.
• The XLR connectors are made in Australia by ETI Research.
• All technology in the Digital Reference Interconnect is original. The design concepts, design work and inventions
are the result of 40 years of my ongoing research, original design concepts and proven engineering.
• Solid Core conductors, and Air-Tubes originated with me in the mid 1970’s and early 1980’s.

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