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    Truly Remarkable Audio Cable

A Lifetime of Cable Engineering Innovation

Truly remarkable audio cable design takes a lifetime of experience in audio and electrical engineering, and a passion for music reproduction. A lifetime devoted to listening and to the development of testing and measurement methodologies. Matthew Bond has been dedicated for more than 40 years to the pursuit of the ultimate truth in audio product development, creating and producing the most advanced technologies possible in audio cable design.

The GSC Series is Simply Better Loudspeaker Cable


Cable Design Foundations

Matthew Bond demonstrates once again, his passionate engineering and devotion to creating the world’s finest audio cable products. From his early years in the 1980’s, Matthew has promoted and shown the audio cable industry many important foundations in cable design. Through numerous white papers, Matthew has demonstrated electrical measurements and the sonic differences in conductor size and shape, as well as the technical advantages of solid-core conductor design, metallurgical treatments and, of course, the unwanted coloration of the sound caused by different dielectric materials.

Ideal Electrical Characteristics

An innovative and advanced design in loudspeaker cable technology having ideal electrical characteristics to transfer the musical signal without the need for phase correcting filter networks. Exotic materials are employed to create a sonic signature never heard before such as PTFE (Teflon®) and silver bearing copper conductors. Available in two models, the GSC 36 and the GSC 18.

Lowest Possible Inductance

The GSC Series Speaker Cables feature the lowest possible inductance, a factor essential for proper reproduction of sounds that are extremely extended in the high frequencies. Free flowing high frequency speed is essential for the precise rendition of dynamic contrasts and plays a significant role for the proper reproduction of all frequencies as well. The GSC Series Speaker Cables reveal a holographic soundstage where clearly outlined images appear more palpable and more lifelike.

36×18 Gauge Conductor Runs on gsc 36
Silver Bearing Copper Conductors
Anti-Resonance Transmission Design
18 Conductor Runs for Positive and Negative

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