The most remarkable virtue of the Analog Reference interconnect is its ability to add density to images, to vocals, to the music overall. How does a wire do this? I have not been aware previously that the images of sound have been almost skeletal relative to how they now sound. This makes music sound so much more real, so much more lifelike. So much more information is being passed thru to my amplifiers and speakers that creates such a wonderful complexity to the music that you want to continue to listen. I am sure all of this will just get better as the interconnects fully break-in. But if they don’t change a bit from here, I will be more than satisfied. They have done something no other component has managed to do and for this I am thankful.

Thank you so much for these [Phase 2 Super] cables. I know they are expensive and it clearly involved a lot of time and effort. But you must know that these speaker cables are really something special. I do not believe that any component I have upgraded has made such a significant improvement in the sound quality of my system. Virtually every aspect of sound has been improved, the entire frequency spectrum, micro and macro dynamics, imaging; etc. But what makes these cables so unique (and it is a first for me) they bring a life to the music that allows me to feel, to think that real music is occurring. There is a sense of ease but then dynamics in the performance that you feel as much as you hear. It is that real life flow and pace, rhythm and timing that I have only felt before with live music. There is nothing that is exaggerated in the music, nothing seems to stand out except that ease and flow of the music that makes me feel so comfortable. There is so much balance in my system now that either highs or lows never call attention to themselves. In every audio system I recall listening some attribute stands out and we think it has such a great high end or subterranean lows that wows us. Everything is in place and everything is in balance now.

Having said all of what I just said above the details and transparency of these speaker cables are greater, by far, than any other set of cables I have experienced. There are details in the music that are made available however it is done with such remarkable ease and never thrown in your face. All the details are there in the music waiting for you to listen to them. This is a great sleight of hand that I am not sure how it is done. But I must say that I feel very lucky to be one of the very few that will be able to experience this quality of music. I am not sure if all systems may reap the benefit as I do in my system. Having spent a lot of time listening to a myriad of audio systems at shows, dealers and friends, I know that my system was every bit of high resolution as any I have experienced.

Bill N. Florida

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