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Matthew Bond Audio GSC 36 amplifier cable closeup
Matthew Bond Audio GSC 18 amplifier cables
Matthew Bond Audio gold-plated cable connectors
Matthew Bond Audio Analog Reference Interconnect cables closeup

Matthew Bond Audio GSC 36 Loudspeaker Cables

Arnis Balgalvis, Positive Feedback Magazine
Once upon a time the life of an audiophile was very simple. Take speaker cables, for example. At a meeting of The Audiophile Society in the 1980s, in front of a group of some 60 people, the featured guest presenter, a very prominent equipment modifier, proudly declared: “As far as I’m concerned, …
  • five star review
    … I heard a clarity, neutrality, and lack of harshness in any well recorded music that I’ve never heard before with any cable. The GSC-36 improved the sound to almost live. All instruments whether in Jazz, Classical, or Rock recordings were correct in relative volume, tone, detail, position in sound stage (lateral and depth), and […]
  • five star review
    You must know that your cables are really something special. I have never heard such an improvement in my system that rivals the improvement from your cables. I have experienced differences when I upgraded my dcs stack of components, but I have never heard such an improvement as I have with the Matthew Bond Audio […]
  • five star review
    The most remarkable virtue of the Analog Reference interconnect is its ability to add density to images, to vocals, to the music overall. How does a wire do this? I have not been aware previously that the images of sound have been almost skeletal relative to how they now sound. This makes music sound so […]
  • five star review
    … I do not believe that any component I have upgraded has made such a significant improvement in the sound quality of my system … virtually every aspect of sound has been improved, the entire frequency spectrum, micro and macro dynamics, imaging, etc. But what makes these cables so unique (and it is a first […]