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Truly Natural and Lifelike

What will Matthew Bond Audio cables do for your audio system?

“In a few words… my cables will give you the most natural and lifelike reproduction of the music that you will ever hear.” –Matthew Bond

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Exotic Materials Create a Never Heard Before


A New Listening Experience

Matthew Bond Audio’s innovative and advanced design in loudspeaker cable technology employs exotic materials to create a sonic signature never heard before. The sound produced has spectacular power and clarity, superb resolution of ambient information, and powerful dynamic contrasts.

For extreme quality and state-of-the-art amplifier to loudspeaker connections, choose Matthew Bond Audio.

Innovative and Advanced Design
Holographic Soundstage
Palpable and Lifelike Sound

five star review

“… I have not been aware previously that the images of sound have been almost skeletal relative to how they now sound. This makes music sound so much more real, so much more lifelike. So much more information is being passed thru to my amplifiers and speakers that creates such a wonderful complexity to the music that you want to continue to listen … I do not believe that any component I have upgraded has made such a significant improvement in the sound quality of my system … Virtually every aspect of sound has been improved, the entire frequency spectrum, micro and macro dynamics, imaging, etc. But what makes these cables so unique (and it is a first for me) they bring a life to the music that allows me to feel, to think that real music is occurring …” –Bill N., Florida