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February 19, 2018 - Speaker Cable

Analog Reference Speaker Cable

The Analog Reference Speaker Cable features the lowest possible inductance, a factor essential for proper reproduction of sounds that are extremely extended in the high frequencies. Free flowing high frequency speed is essential for the precise rendition of dynamic contrasts and plays a significant role for the proper reproduction of all frequencies as well. The Analog Reference Speaker Cable reveals a holographic soundstage where clearly outlined images appear more palpable and more lifelike.

The sound. A very neutral, authentic, and transparent reproduction of the live musical event. The bass frequencies have the proper power, weight, and authority. The mid-range frequencies are natural, engaging, and faithful to the original. The high-frequencies are exceptionally extended and detailed. As a result, you will hear stunning dynamic contrasts, perfectly rendered cycles of ’attack, sustain and decay’ of all musical instruments and convincing vocals, clearly materializing against a dead quiet background. Soundstage depth and dimensionality are rendered spacious and expansive. Resulting images are well focused, distinct and credible. Refined detail and low-level ambient information will provide striking information about the live recorded space.

The design. A group of solid High-Purity Oxygen Free 6N Super Soft Annealed Copper conductors are carefully spaced and helixed around a thin-wall Teflon Air-Tube. Most importantly, all technology implemented in the Analog Reference Speaker Cable is original. The design considerations, design implementation and all inventions are the result of authentic design concepts and proven engineering, coming to fruition after over 40 years of my steadfast and ongoing research. For example, Solid Core conductors, and Air-Tubes originated with me in the mid 1970’s and early 1980’s.

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