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Matthew Bond Audio GSC 18 cable closeup


… I heard a clarity, neutrality, and lack of harshness in any well recorded music that I’ve never heard before with any cable. The GSC-36 improved the sound to almost live. All instruments whether in Jazz, Classical, or Rock recordings were correct in relative volume, tone, detail, position in sound stage (lateral and depth), and dynamics. Pianos and cymbals in particular, sounded very real. The description of these cables on the Matthew Bond Audio website is 100% correct. The GSC-36 made me aware of the small distortions (excess energy) in the midrange and bass regions and the mild loss of treble energy in the Sigma speaker cables by comparison. Individually small differences but collectively enough to diminish the illusion of a live event. Matthew Bond’s GSC-36 speaker cables are a better value with an incredibly life-like sound quality. They are not leaving my system for a long time and I strongly recommend them (5 out of 5 stars) to anyone wanting to improve the sound of their stereo system.


You must know that these speaker cables are really something special. I do not believe that any component I have upgraded has made such a significant improvement in the sound quality of my system… The details and transparency of these speaker cables are greater, by far, than any other set of cables I have experienced. There are details in the music that are made available, however it is done with such remarkable ease and never thrown in your face. All the details are there in the music waiting for you to listen to them. This is a great sleight of hand that I am not sure how it is done. But I must say that I feel very lucky to be one of the very few that will be able to experience this quality of music.

Jeff, CA

The most remarkable virtue of the Analog Reference interconnect is its ability to add density to images, to vocals, to the music overall. How does a wire do this? I have not been aware previously that the images of sound have been almost skeletal relative to how they now sound. This makes music sound so much more real, so much more lifelike. So much more information is being passed to my amplifiers and to my speakers that it creates such a wonderful complexity to the music that you want to continue to listen. I am sure all of this will just get better as the cables fully break-in. But if they don’t change a bit from here, I will be more than satisfied. They have done something no other component has managed to do and for this I am thankful.

Jim, Texas

… I do not believe that any component I have upgraded has made such a significant improvement in the sound quality of my system … virtually every aspect of sound has been improved, the entire frequency spectrum, micro and macro dynamics, imaging, etc. But what makes these cables so unique (and it is a first for me) they bring a life to the music that allows me to feel, to think that real music is occurring….

Bill, Florida

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