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  • GSC-18 amplifier connection cable

GSC Expert Series

The GSC Series of speaker cables is the culmination of more than 40 years of loudspeaker cable design.

Innovative & Advanced Design

The main problem for loudspeaker cable is the electrical characteristic called inductance. Inductance is the tendency of an electrical conductor to oppose a change in the electric current flowing through it. To make a speaker cable that is truly perfect, we must make sure that the cable design has a conductor configuration that is extremely low in inductance.

To this end, the positive and negative conductors must be close together, preferably in a ribbon configuration. The GSC 36 is an innovative and advanced design in loudspeaker cable technology having ideal electrical characteristics to transfer the musical signal without the need for phase correcting filter networks. Exotic materials are employed to create a sonic signature never heard before such as PTFE (Teflon®) and silver bearing copper conductors. Available in two models, the GSC 36 and the GSC 18.

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Matthew Bond Audio GSC 18 speaker cable
Matthew Bond Audio gold-plated speaker cable connectors
Matthew Bond Audio GSC 36 amplifier cable closeup
advanced audio cable engineering in Matthew Bond Audio GSC 36 amplifier and speaker cables